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POLL - Sun Media Cuts 600 Jobs and Starts Closing Papers
MapleCityStar - March 30, 2009, 03:51 AM

Sun Media announced in December that they would cut 600 jobs in their newspaper divisions. In 2008, newspaper shares in the US dropped an average of 83.3%. Canada has started losing venerable chronicles at an escalating pace.

In a Chatham Daily News editorial on March 27, 2009, Bruce Corcoran writes that they have not escaped the suffering. He partially blames the internet, and citizen journalism. However, he claims that they are still sitting up and taking nourishment - engaged in investigative journalism, much to the chagrin of various public figures.

That's a mouthful of sawdust. Exposed all over this website is evidence that the Chatham Daily News has NOT performed nor reported very much investigating except for the shoddy sort, and at least one public figure is likely indebted for the intentional oversight. It's laughable, right Bruce? (It's a tough job keeping their political manipulation in check, but I'll take credit for the citizen journalism part since it's the only kind being done right now, and we know Bruce reads this site.)

What's going to happen in Chatham, with Sun Media's more ethical Chatham This Week and its sleazy sister competing in the same market? Has the last puppy to be trained on the Chatham Daily News been born yet?

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