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Province Continues to Strengthen Local Hospitals
Pat Hoy, MPP - March 26, 2009

Press Release from Pat Hoy, MPP


For March 26, 2009

CHATHAM – Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Pat Hoy is reminding residents that Hospital funding in Ontario has increased from $10.9 billion in 2003/04 to $14.3 billion in 2008/09, an overall 31.1% increase.

“No government in history has invested more in the provision of health care than has the McGuinty government. Our local residents in Chatham-Kent Essex have benefited from improved hospital care thanks to a $10.7 million increase in funding this fiscal year,” said Hoy.

“We’re making sure that local residents continue to receive the best health care possible by supporting the services they receive in our hospitals,” said Hoy. “With this funding, our government is ensuring that Leamington, Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex hospitals have the resources they need to provide critical programs and services for the benefit of patients.”

Hoy said funding for the 2008-09 fiscal year includes:

  • Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (Chatham Campus only): $2,570,103 increase, bringing total base funding to $78,841,450.

  • Leamington District Memorial Hospital: $675,135 increase, bringing total base funding to $25,927,100.

  • Sydenham District Hospital, Wallaceburg: $430,530 increase, bringing total base funding to $18,107,100

  • Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital: $3,721,088 increase, bringing total base funding to $157, 400,147.

  • Windsor Regional Hospital: $3,400,532 increase, bringing total base funding to $175,174,453.

“We have followed through on our commitment to local health care and patients,” said Hoy. “Hospitals are no longer closing as in the past, we are revitalizing them with innovation and working with our partners to deliver high quality public health care.”

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