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Compliance Audit on Council Agenda
- Austin Wright, September 21, 2007, rev 09-24

Chatham-Kent council will hear the preliminary report tonight from auditor Bernard Nayman, who was retained by the municipality to investigate the campaign finances of Mayor Randy Hope and another candidate.

Further details cannot be posted here since one of the partipants who may be mentioned in the report as having a key role does not want any information made public, and has launched a substantial lawsuit against my family and businesses to ensure anonymity on this site. Several misleading op-ed articles have shown up recently in the media concerning the compliance audit, but all attempts to set the record straight have been obstructed. It will be interesting to see if the print media is bold enough to cover this council meeting accurately. They seem to have neglected to report the fact that it's on the agenda, after favouring a biased position opposing the audit throughout the process.

For those curious about what may be discussed during the September 24th meeting, we notice that the following external link to the public municipal website may provide some insight: Chatham-Kent Council Agenda. Please note that we are not responsible for any content linked from other sources. View this document at your own risk - it's apparently so explosive that the local rag isn't even informing the public that it's up for discussion during open session tonight, even though they have inside information about the investigation from the auditor's subpoena. Are others under legal threats also? Each candidate under investigation claims nothing was done wrong, but it's interesting that the media is virtually negligent in its journalism regarding this file. Why is such secrecy required, and by whom? Judging from the council agenda, attending tonight may be the only way to find out since it appears unlikely that any details will be published. Perhaps the auditor's final report will reveal exacty how widespread this apparent obstruction of justice extends, and why.


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