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No Borders at Scout Friendship Camp
- Austin Wright, June 2, 2007

Troops flew their colours/images/DSC03087.jpg" align=left vspace=4 border=2 > Local scout troops joined with neighbouring troops from across the region and into the States last weekend, bringing an international flavour to the event. Held at the Chatham Aeronauts radio control airfield near North Buxton, the buzz of model aircraft could be heard while several pilot enthusiasts demonstrated the hobby.

Representatives from the Chatham-Kent Amateur Radio Club were on hand to exhibit radio equipment, emergency communication techniques and answer questions about the hobby. Several contacts were made, from England to Alabama and across Canada, using nothing more than a wire antenna strung up a tree.

Some scouts, which now includes both boys and girls, visited local attractions such as the North Buxton Museum, and South Buxton Raceway. Torrential rain which affected events in Chatham missed the camp, providing some thunder to the north and brisk winds instead.

Friendship camps are designed to bring members of different troops together, and are held in various locations at different times. This camp involved just a few troops, but some, like the Annual Jambouree held last in Australia, attract scouters from around the world.

Don Armstrong answers Amateur Radio questions/images/DSC03081.jpg" align=middle vspace=4 border=2 > A Scout throws his axe on target/images/DSC03113.jpg" align=middle vspace=4 border=2 >
Model Aircraft fuelled up for demonstration/images/DSC03096.jpg" align=middle vspace=4 border=2 > Tents lined the field/images/DSC03089.jpg" align=middle vspace=4 border=2 >

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