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Municipal Campaign Expenses Released
Thursday April 5, 2007 - Chatham, Ontario

The deadline for filing campaign expenses has passed, and the following preliminary totals are available.

Candidate (Mayoral) Total Expenses       Contributions
Jim Desat



Richard Erickson



Diane Gagner



Chip Gordon



Randy Hope



Mary Lee



Walter Spence



Some reported campaign expenses don't add up. Further investigation is ongoing to determine whether all contributions were properly reported, and whether all campaign spending was included.

Randy Hope lists contributions totalling more than $100 from:

Bill or Doris Zilio Chatham $200.00 
Patrick Pinsonneault Chatham $200.00 
George Franssen Chatham $400.00 
Sun-Jung Tae Kwon Do Chatham $700.00 
Yvonne Franssen Chatham $700.00 
Ascent Investment Ltd. British Columbia $750.00 
Diane Semmicky Chatham $750.00 
International Union UAW Chatham $750.00 
Matthew Liang British Columbia $750.00 
TOTAL $5,200.00 

Of particular interest is the lack of any claimed contribution from Mary Lee, who spent $890.42 advertising for Randy Hope. There is no contribution from John Cryderman or Cryderman Productions which placed several advertisements on Randy Hope's behalf. There is no contribution from Janice Hill or Dr. Henry Svec who each ran several radio advertisements endorsing Randy Hope. There is no contribution from the CAW which was supporting Hope.

Matthew Liang is a resident of British Columbia and is not eligible to contribute to a municipal election in Ontario. Ascent Investment Ltd. is a British Columbia company that is developing the old CCI school in Chatham into a private Korean school, and may be eligible to contribute on that basis.

Randy Hope claimed a sign expense that adds up to about 300 single-sided signs. He had signs visible in more than 150 locations. Another council candidate who used the same sign company reported that Hope ordered a second batch of signs that may have been paid for by somebody else.

Defeated mayor Gagner stated, "I found Hope's finances interesting with only an approximately 50 dollar difference to mine. I did not purchase signs - he did. He had multiple newspaper ads, far more than myself. I am sure Cryderman paid for some, although he does not show Cryderman as a contributor."

Gagner feels there are grounds for a Compliance Audit, but is not planning to file an application herself to avoid accusations of sour grapes. The Chatham Daily News contacted her for comments about Hope's very low campaign figures, but no article was ever published. "[It] makes me think they even know it is wrong," stated Gagner.


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