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Mary Lee Denies Involvement and Warns Us to "Shut Up"
Friday March 24, 2007 - Chatham, Ontario

This publication was recently contacted by a furious Mary Lee who denies the facts presented on this website, and claims to have no connection to the Chatham-Kent Coalition of Concerned Citizens or their rumoured leader John Cryderman.

In the interest of journalistic fairness, her comments will be reported.

Mrs. Lee complained about the "crap" this website contains, and warned us to shut up. She claims that we will end up in jail for the details posted on this site. Mrs. Lee went on to explain that she doesn't want anything from Mayor Randy Hope in exchange for her endorsement scheme - she just wanted to benevolently help opposing candidates and do research.

Now that the whiff of a substantial libel suit is in the air (if anyone would be courageous enough to admit responsibility so the lawsuit title can be filled in and served), Mary Lee denied having any part of placing mudslinging campaign ads, claiming to be lying unconcious in the hospital at the time.

When reminded that she called the day before the ads ran with a rather feisty condemnation of some municipal debt facts we printed, and included the assertion that my campaign would be harmed as a result, Lee claimed it was somebody else since she was at death's door. However, video on this site places her in good health at the Ward 4 All-Candidate's forum with Mr. Cryderman two days previous.

Her call prompted a documented email to the Chatham Daily News anticipating some sort of public attack, and requesting the decency of a chance for rebuttal (which was an accurate assessment as it turned out, except the News lacked the integrity to allow a fair response).

She went on to accuse this website of reporting that she made a deal with Randy Hope for her endorsement, except it doesn't make that conclusion. However, it is a fact that Mary Lee stated emphatically in January of 2006 that she wouldn't be running for mayor again, and contacted other potential mayoral candidates urging them not to run so that Randy Hope could win.

It is also a proven fact that John Cryderman has represented Mary Lee in public, consulted with her extensively, and even filed her nomination papers, making her denial of having anything to do with him ring hollow. It is a fact that other mayoral candidates report being approached by Mary Lee and John Cryderman and offered their full support, only to be requested just days before the election that they withdraw and endorse Randy Hope. It is a fact that Mr. Cryderman manufactured the media event boycotting the Chamber of Commerce debate, and fed the participating candidates with the reasons why the boycott was necessary.

"I don't want to hear about Cryderman, I had nothing to do with him," Lee insisted. "I'll let you go ahead and hang yourself. The only reason I called you was to ask you to quit saying those things because people don't believe it." She continued, "All I'm telling you is keep your mouth shut."

This publication stands by all facts presented, and has affidavits attesting these facts. No word on whether the cock crowed following Mary's denial of knowing JC.


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